Quality  We value continual improvement to meet or exceed our client's expectations. We strive for perfection, and settle for nothing less than excellence.
Sensitivity We value the context in which our clients, and therefore ourselves, must operate. We act in a sensitive manner which reflects that context at all times.
Reliability We value dependability, reliability and stability. We demonstrate thesequalities by being on time, on budget and on call for our clients.
Teamwork We value respectful collaboration to achieve our common goals. We see ourselves and our clients as part of the same team. 
Leadership We value the leadership qualities inherent in everyone with whom we work: our partners and associates, our clients, and the many other individuals with whom we come in contact. We work hard to attain knowledge and remain leaders in our chosen fields. 
Creativity We value using individual and organizational creativity to achieve the vision we share with our clients. We believe our creativity and conceptual abilities demonstrate "value-added" for our clients.
Confidentiality We value the client's need for privacy and the confidentiality of information, both information we obtain from the client and information we "trip over" during our work. We do not share anything with anyone without the client's knowledge and permission.
Respect We value all people and treat them with dignity. We work hard to gain and keep the respect of our clients. 
Integrity We value accepting the responsibility to live by personal and organizational values. We act on our deep sense of ethics and reflect our own high standards of performance. 
Flexibility We value the willingness and ability to understand and cope with changing environments. We quickly adapt and respond to changing client circumstances.  
Value for Money We value our clients' satisfaction with our work. We ensure value for the money spent.