C. A. MacDonald & Associates has a wide network of associates who work with us on various projects, depending on the needs of the client. In effect, we create special purpose consortiums to ensure that we have the right mix of skills and expertise to effectively meet the goals of the particular project. Some of these individuals have given us permission to showcase their talents on this web site.
Photo of Diane
    ...Diane McAmmond is the president of Diane McAmmond and
      Associates, a consulting practice dedicated to assisting private and public sector organizations in the development of effective policy, program and organizational responses to a wide range of health and social problems in a difficult and rapidly changing environment. She has been working as a consultant, primarily in the health field, with a variety of federal and provincial government departments for approximately 8 years.
    ...Jan Skirrow works with Diane McAmmond & Associates, and
      has extensive experience in strategic planning, public policy, organizational analysis and change. He has headed several health-related organizations, including as a Deputy Minister, and has executive experience in a hospital setting. In addition to his administrative and management experience, he has established a reputation nationally and internationally as a program innovator in health promotion, social marketing and addictions.
    ...Sharon Matthais is the Principal for Sharon J. Matthias
      Consulting, Matthias Enterprises Ltd. Sharon provides management and policy services in the human service sector and to First Nation's governments - spanning the fields of health, occupational health and safety, social services, education and environment. Her interest is in the development of an integrated, results-based, client focused, Health and Human Services System which respects the physical, mental, social and spiritual dimensions of health.