We have significant experience in the management of large government projects, coordinating the efforts of what is often a large consulting team with the activities of the client, senior management, and other internal client resources.
Development and
C. A. MacDonald & Associates has conducted a number of legislative and policy development projects. The conceptual skills offered by the team, coupled with the ability to take the project right through the public consultation process, has resulted in two significant new pieces of legislation passed by the government of Alberta.
Program Design
and Implementation
We have extensive experience in the design and implementation of new and revised programs. Our skills in program review and redesign, the development of training plans and materials, writing of policy and procedural manuals, training of management and staff, and the development of public communication plans and materials are critical inthis area.
Evaluation and
Both formative and summative evaluations have been conducted in a number of areas. Our skills in methodological development, survey design and administration, interviewing, designing and conducting focus groups, cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis and the statistical analysis and conceptual synthesis of large amounts of data and information are a strong support to our clients.
"Mess in a Box"
Sometimes, our clients reach an impasse where they have  collected up or created a vast amount of material in a specific area, and are not quite sure where to go next. Then, C. A. MacDonald & Associates are called in to take "the mess" away, and return with a comprehensive, cohesive, conceptual framework and action plan. We excel at "making sense" out of large quantities of complex material. 
Content Areas We have conducted evaluation and research projects in many content areas, some of which are:
  • Health System Design and Delivery including projects in:
    • Core Services
    • Continuing Care
    • Rural Medicine
    • Remuneration to Physicians
    • HIV/AIDS
    • Mental Health
    • Injury Control
  • Early Childhood Development
  • Children's Services Standards
  • Privacy
  • Income Security Programs Design and Delivery
  • Fraud and Error Control