This page lists projects that some precancel collectors are working on. Articles will be added as projects progress. Clicking on an underlined link will take you to the article. 

If you want some help with a project that you would like to work on, 
contact Duncan MacDonald
who will assist in getting others with a similar interest involved. 

Identification of City Type Precancels

Often Misidentified City Precancel Types - by David Marasco

Identification of Bar-Type Precancels

Bar TYPE  R or TYPE S ?? - by David Marasco


Lathework Inventory - by Duncan MacDonald

Chicken Tracks

Unlisted Multiple Bar Precancels - by David Marasco

Winnipeg Type 1 and 2

Combination Type- by David Marasco

The Users of Precancelled Stamps of Canada

Article by Norm Wagner