Winnipeg Type 1 and 2:

by David Maresco

Here is an example of a two type town overprint on the 2c Edward. Mr Walburn previously reported this on the 7c Edward (inverted). An article written by H. G. Walburn and published in the BNAPS "Topics" Magazine, volumne 4, #5, dated June 1947 said the following:

" Winnipeg Manitoba on the 7 cent Edward VII, Hoover's #77, 'Winnipeg' and two fine lines below are in the small type used for Universal style #202 (Winnipeg type 2) and below are two heavy lines and 'Manitoba' in Universal style 200 (Winnipeg type 1)." 

I have checked the precancel in every way and it appears to be perfectly genuine, but how to explain its origin is another matter. The best theory I can offer is that a broken plate of type 1 was temporarily repaired with a portion of the plate of type 2, possibly no longer used (only the 1 c, 2c and 5c were precancelled with type 2). I say "temporarily repaired" because type 1 was used for another 20 years without any irregularities showing up on other issues."

Note: "Hoover's #77"  refers to the old Hoover Brothers Catalogue published in 1938 (edited by C.C.Sonne), 1947 (edited by H.G.Walburn) and 1954 (edited by H.G.Walburn). #77 is the old catalogue number which refers to the 7 cent Edward (Scott #92)