Lathework Inventory
by Duncan MacDonald
The precancel handbook (page 134) only lists the following lathework
1 cent green with lathework Type B 
1 cent yellow with lathework Type D 
2 cent carmine with lathework Type B 
2 cent green with lathework Type D 
The following scans are from my lathework collection and I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has another copy or a lathework piece not listed here. John Jamieson of Saskatoon Stamp Centre has provided information on lathework types he has handled over the last 15 years. Several Admiral collectors have indicated they have precancel lathework and I will be adding to this inventory as they send me reports.

  (just click on my name to send me an e-mail regarding pieces you may have or to point out corrections)

I would be interested in purchasing any lathework you may wish to sell or would trade extra copies I have listed below.

SCOTT #104 1cent green with Lathework Type B

Brandon 1-104

Brockville 3-104-D
Carlton Place
Carlton Place
Estevan 1-104-I

Hamilton 3-104
Peterboro 1-104

St Johns 1-104

Windsor 3-104
Woodstock 1-104 Woodstock
Additional  lathework type B: I have additional Hamilton 1-104
Reported, Kitchener 1-104-I, Vancouver 2-104

Scott #104 1cent green with Lathework Type C

Brockville 3-104-D

Kitchener 1-104

London 1-104

Regina 2-104

Saskatoon 1-104-I

Toronto 7-104

Toronto 10-104 
Additional Type C :
Reported Saskatoon 1-104-I

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