ASDLC Cookbook Download


Since November, 1999, this site has provided the 400 page cookbook
free of charge to anyone who wanted to take the time to download the Word file.

In January, 2002, the original ISP that hosted this site was sold to another company. 
The original company had never increased our charges as the hits on this site increased over time. 
The new ISP company immediately completed a detailed examination of their new high traffic sites, 
and this was by far the busiest site (including the Government of Alberta 
home page, and the Edmonton Oilers website!)

They started charging accordingly!

Since the combined cookbook is several megabites in size, 
and has been downloaded many many time per day, 
we will be charged several hundred dollars a month to support the
ISP line charges as long as the cookbook can be downloaded directly from this site. 

With regret, we cannot continue to do this! 

We have decided to make the cookbook available on CD,
at a nominal charge to cover shipping, handling and production costs.
See here for Copyright Information.

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