Deluxe Deviled Eggs from Michael Hartsough
AnneMarie’s Cheese Taco Shells
Quiche Lorraine – adapted by Tina MacDonald
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Quiche with Flaked Ham and Swiss Cheese
Elegant Seafood Quiche
Scotch Eggs – from Debbie Padilla
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Penny’s Quick and Easy Microwave Egg Salad
Mac-fu and Cheese
Baked Zucchini Frittatas
Zucchini Frittata
Pepperoni Eggs
Chicken Egg Foo Young
Marcy’s Chicken Subgum Egg Foo Young
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Green Eggs & Ham – by Dave Brichler
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Desiree’s Scotch Eggs
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Variations on Egg Foo Yung – by Patti Shock
Breakfast in a Cup
Spinach Quiche – from AnnieOops
Janine's Spinach Pie
Yoghurt and Cheese - Home-made Yoghurt from Caday357
Cherry Omelette – from Debbie Cusick
Cheese Quickie Pizza – found by Marcy
Fake French Toast by Cheryl Wilson
Danielle’s Easy Devilled Eggs
Cheese Crisps
Avocado Angel Eggs – from Marcy
Crustless Pizza! – from Cyranna
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Breakfast Casserole – from Cathy
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Retromom's Crepes with Cheese Filling
Low Carb Finnish Pancakes – from Wendy Kopera
Panned Eggs with Parmesan Cheese – from Myra’s 1919 Diabetic Cookbook
Cheese Danish – from EmmBee
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Michael’s Deluxe Deviled Eggs
Marcy’s Crepes/Eggrolls
Eggroll “Guts” – posted by Marcy
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Favourite Quiche
Spinach Pie - from Lisa Lucas
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