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Tempeh Options - from Cyndi Norman

Tempeh is an Indonesian food made from cultured grains or soy.  It is pressed into a block and sold that way in the markets.  You can find it in most health food stores.  Never seen it in a supermarket.

Read the labels very carefully to get the low-carb versions; many forms of tempeh are filled with carbs.  There are some flavour variations, but, again, read the labels for full info.  I like the seaweed flavoured kind.

Soy tempeh can be very low in carbs, especially when you subtract the substantial amounts of fibre.  Picking a brand will depend on what's available to you and personal taste.  Each brand tastes a bit different.

Tempeh is the only low-carb substance I have found that soaks up egg yolks in lieu of bread.  It's not as absorbent as bread (nothing is) but it does work.

Tempeh is edible raw (it's not really raw) but I don't like it much that way.  I really only like it fried such that the outsides are browned.  You can cook it in other ways too but the taste is different.  Try it all ways, you might like it better unbrowned. Here are some ways I cook it:

If you cook tempeh with vegetables or other parts of the meal (so there's too much liquid for it to brown) you'll get a different flavour and texture.  It's still good.