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Cream Cheese Fudge from Jenny

2 oz cream cheese (use the expensive kind with less starch filler)
1/2 oz baker's chocolate (the kind with NO sugar.)
1 tbsp. Splenda
2 tbsp. Cream
1 tsp. vanilla
Enough butter to grease the bottom of your sauce pan.

Melt the chocolate in the bottom of a greased small saucepan at medium heat. Add the cream cheese and melt with the chocolate. Add the Splenda and vanilla and stir in. If it isn't sweet enough, add a tiny bit more Splenda until it tastes right.  Take off the stove, stir in the cream. Pour into a small bowl or individual pie plate. Chill until hard.  Enjoy!

The whole recipe is about 10 gms of carb figuring carbs generously.