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Variations on Sugar-Free Pudding Mixes

The sugar-free pudding ranges from 6 to 8 carbohydrates per serving, WITHOUT milk added. When we use it in recipes, most of us use real cream, which has 6-7 grams of carbohydrates per cup, mixed 1:1 (or less cream even) with water or coffee. This turns into quite a very rich dessert and you can get up to 12 servings out of it rather than 4 or 6. Some people just use a tablespoon of the pudding mix in some cream and cream cheese for a nice treat. Or they drop a tablespoon of the dry mix into their shakes. You just need to count the carbohydrates and be aware.

Another idea - mix a package of SF chocolate pudding (powder, not mixed) with an 8oz package of cream cheese. Form into about 24 little balls and roll in crushed nuts. Watch the carbohydrates in the nuts, though. Without nuts, the total carbohydrate count comes to about 40. So, this is about 1.6 g per candy. Keep refrigerated.

Put 8 oz of Creme Cheese in the blender, mix it up some. Add 12 oz of sugar free Jello BEFORE IT SETS mix all together. Pour it in a bowl or whatever to set. It will set up with a creamy consistency sort of like pudding.