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7 Egg Scallion Omelette Recipe - from Russell C.

Chop scallions into 1/4" pieces, including the green leafy part. Sauté scallions in butter until lightly browned and tender. Thoroughly beat 7 eggs in a bowl; add 1 tsp. salt just before cooking. Pour egg mixture into a skillet with butter (and sausage drippings) using medium heat.

When eggs begin to set, pour in scallion mixture. While lifting up various parts of the Omelette, tip the skillet to allow the egg mixture to run "under" the Omelette, so that you are constantly building up the Omelette from underneath.  (I hope this makes sense). When the Omelette is pretty firm and has just a little liquid on top, fold it in half over on itself. Top with sour cream and serve immediately.