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McSausage and Egg from Greyeagle

Looked in my refrigerator and all my fresh eggs were gone but I did have a few hard boiled eggs. Time to improvise.

Preparation: Press out some sausage, I used Jimmy Dean Sage Flavored, into THIN patties about the size of a small tuna can. Slice the hard-boiled eggs a little thick.

Assembly: Place a slice of egg on a sausage patty, use the ones with yolk, put another patty on top and pinch the edges to seal.

Cook: Fry or as I prefer broil. After turning them over sprinkle some grated cheese over each one. I used muenster.

Serve: One grind of some fresh pepper and sprinkle with a little parsley flakes. I served it some fancy lettuce (1/4 cup). Plate looked good!