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Christine’s Crepes

2 eggs
1T oil
2 T. protein powder
1 packet sweetener
Heavy cream to desired consistency (usually just a couple of tablespoons).

Mix all together really well with an electric beater (you want it foamy). Drizzle very thinly into heated medium sized frying pan (nonstick works best, use spray or oil otherwise)

You can double and triple this recipe with no problem. This recipe makes 2-3 crepes depending on the size of the pan. We make them in big batches and then store them in the refrigerator so they're handy for sandwiches.
We have stuffed these with cream cheese sweetened with a little sweetener or with meats (pizza makings is great!) & cheeses. Put a couple of tablespoons of Alfredo Sauce on top for something really rich and special when you stuff them with meat.