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AnneMarie’s Cheese Taco Shells

I simply grate enough cheese to cover the bottom of 5 inch (?) small non-stick frying pan, then I fried the cheese until it was nearly browned on one side, flipped it over (pour off grease as needed) and let it brown nearly as much as the first side. To make the taco shell shape I just used my spatula to bend it half over and laid the spatula in between the 'sides' of the 'shell'. To make sure it kept its shape I used a metal rack type thing (it used to be the top of a small inside grill but you could probably use a rack that cools cookies). I turned the cheese shell upside down (it helps it to drain also) and made sure the side were the distance apart I prefer for a shell. They were very flavourful and crunchy yet did not fall apart like normal, carbohydrate laden shells! They were great!

I used sharp cheddar--in a non stick, small frying pan (5 inch). It takes a while to get it done, first grate or slice your cheese. Let it melt (medium heat) completely and there will be very small bubble appearing on the top (like pancakes) - make sure you pour off grease as needed. When the one side is browned, carefully flip, let second side start to brown then bend with spatula and hold into position. I also let mine cool some upside down on a rack, helps to keep the shape! This does take some time so be patient this stuff is great! YUM!

Julie Germain also suggests cutting up those "cheese shells" and making some "cheese tostitos".