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606 species
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94 of the 246 species 
endemic to 
North America are 
represented here. 
No state endemics
2 USA endemics

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Texas Specialities
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Northern Mockingbird - Texas State Bird
Photo by Andrew Wilson

Golden-cheeked Warbler - Photo copyright Peter Weber

Photo copyright Peter Weber

Least Grebe - Courtesy of SW Louisiana Birding Page

Courtesy of SW Louisiana Birding Page

White-Tailed Hawk - Courtesy of SW Louisiana Birding Page

Courtesy of SW Louisiana Birding Page

Fork-Tailed Flycatcher - Photo by Jim Nestler

Photo copyright Jim Nestler

Plain Chacalaca - Photo by Marcus Martin

Photo by Marcus Martin

Green Jay - Photo by Bert Frenz

Photo by Bert Frenz

White-eyed Vireo - Photo copyright Giuliano Gerra and Silvio Sommazzi

Photo copyright Giuliano Gerra and Silvio Sommazzi

Reddish Egret - Photo by Don Baccus

Photo by Don Baccus

Gull-billed Tern - Photo copyright Paul Gale

Photo copyright Paul Gale

Green Violetear - Photo by Allen Chartier

Photo copyright Allen Chartier

Great Kiskadee - Photo by Marcus Martin

Photo by Marcus Martin

Long-billed Curlew - Photo by Don Baccus

Photo by Don Baccus

Green Kingfisher - Photo by Bert Frenz

Photo by Bert Frenz

Golden-fronted Woodpecker - Photo copyright Peter Weber

Photo copyright Peter Weber

Snowy Plover - Photo by Don Baccus

Photo by Don Baccus

Crested Caracara - Photo copyright Jean Coronel

Photo copyright Jean Coronel

Altamira Oriole - Photo by Bert Frenz

Photo by Bert Frenz

Masked Duck - Photo by Greg Lasley

Photo copyright Greg Lasley

Bewick's Wren - Photo copyright Patricia Michaels

Photo copyright Patricia Michaels

Turkey Vulture - Photo copyright Oleg Volk

Photo copyright Oleg Volk

Northern Jacana - Photo copyright Jean Coronel

Photo copyright Jean Coronel

Red-shouldered Hawk - Photo copyright Tony Galvan

Photo copyright Tony Galvan

Purple Gallinule - Photo copyright Ross Warner

Photo copyright Ross Warner

Groove-billed Ani - Photo copyright Don DesJardin

Photo copyright Don DesJardin

Ringed Kingfisher - Photo copyright Jean Coronel
Photo copyright Jean Coronel

Buff-bellied Hummingbird - Photo copyright Monte Taylor

Photo copyright Monte Taylor

Black-capped Vireo - ENDANGERED - Photo copyright Monte Taylor

Photo copyright Monte Taylor

Zone-tailed Hawk - Photo copyright Bruce Marcot

Photo copyright Bruce Marcot

Harris's Hawk - Photo copyright Pat Goltz

Photo copyright Pat Goltz

Canyon Towhee - Photo copyright George Walker House

Photo copyright George Walker House


    Key to Icons....Brownsville Birding Parks and Eco-Tourism. "Come
      On Down," and discover why Texas' lower Rio Grande Valley is one of the best birding "Hot Spots" in the nation.
    Key to Icons....Birding Locations of the Upper Texas Coast by David
      Sarkozi. February 27, 1997. Includes site descriptions of dozens of locations in and around Houston and the Upper Texas Coast, as a group these sites make the Top Ten list - many individual sites are rated on their own. Sites referenced include:
      ....Key to Icons  Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge
      • City of Anahuac Nature Trail
      • Attwater Prairie-Chicken National Wildlife Refuge
      • Big Reef Nature Park/East Beach Galveston Island
      ....Key to Icons  Bolivar Flats Bird Sanctuary
      • Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge
      ....Key to Icons  Brazos Bend State Park
      • Bryan Beach State Park
      • Christmas Bay State Park
      • Galveston Island State Park
      ....Key to Icons  High Island Bird Sanctuary
      • Horseshoe Ponds Trail
      • Jones State Forest
      • Rollover Pass
      • Sabine Woods
      • San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge
      • San Jacinto Battleground
      • San Luis Pass
      • Sea Rim State Park
      • Sheldon State Park
      • Smith Point and the Candy Abshier Wildlife Management Area
      • The Texas City Dike
      • White Memorial Park
    Key to Icons....Big Bend National Park encompasses 801,163 acres,
      an area of magnificent contrasts. Visitors can travel from the Rio Grande with its spectacular canyons and jungle-like floodplain up through Chihuahuan Desert, which constitutes majority of the park, to Chisos Mountains with cool woodlands. More than 430 bird species have been identified, more than at any other national park.
    Key to Icons....Bolivar Flats Texas, USA International Reserve.
      Located near the navigation channel into the Houston-Galveston port. Galveston County, Texas. See also this site and the Golden Triangle Audubon notes on Birding at Bolivar Flats.
    Key to Icons....Galveston Island Birding - Galveston is one of the top locations 
      for birding in the United States. The Island is a central location for novice and expert birders offering a wide variety of species. This site has information on a number of sites, with maps and virtual tours. You can also download the Official Galveston Island Birding Brochure from this site.
    Key to Icons....Brazoria Refuge Complex Texas, USA International
      Reserve. In Brazoria and Matagorda Counties, Texas. Located on the Gulf coast 50-70 miles southwest of Galveston, Texas
    Key to Icons....The Aransas National Wildlife Refuge (located 85 miles
      north of Corpurs Christie - has played an important role in saving the whooping crane population). See also Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. Situated on the Texas Gulf coast along San Antonio Bay. 
    Key to Icons....Birding In High Island, Boy Scout Woods and Smith Oaks - Houston
      Audubon Society Nature Sanctuaries at High Island, Texas. Maps.
    Key to Icons....Bentsen Rio Grande State Park - Birds from all
      over the United States come to Bentsen-Rio Grande State Park, known for its abundant and unusual variety of tropical resident and migrating northern birds. More than 290 bird species have been recorded in the park, and another 74 have been sighted nearby. Located in the Rio Grande Valley, the park adjoins the Rio Grande and hosts a unique subtropical ecosystem.
    Key to Icons....Davis Mountains State Park - a 75 mile scenic loop
      around the Davis Mountains covers many productive habitats. See also this site.
    Key to Icons....The Edwards Plateau region  - comprises an area of West Central
      Texas commonly known as the "hill country." For more information on the Texas Hill Country, see Bill Horn's article.
    Key to Icons....The King Ranch - Nature Trails, at King Ranch
      maintain a variety of habitats that attract a rich diversity of wildlife. For the birdwatcher, a day on King Ranch can yield an incredible variety of bird species, including many tropical and migratory birds.
    Key to Icons....Rockport, Texas - Rockport-Fulton lies along the Great Texas 
      Coastal Birding Trail.Check the Attraction area of the website. 
    Key to Icons....Brazos Bend State Park -  approximately 28 miles
      south of Houston. Nature lovers, birders, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts will delight in an observation tower and platforms for wildlife observation/photography of the more than 270 species of birds sighted here
    ....National Wildlife Refuges Index - Texas. Includes links
      to information on:
      ....Key to Icons  Anahuac NWR
      ....Key to Icons  Aransas NWR
      • Attwater Prairie Chicken NWR
      • Balcones Canyonlands NWR
      • Buffalo Lake NWR
      ....Key to Icons  Brazoria NWR
      • Hagerman NWR
      ....Key to Icons  Laguna Atascosa NWR
      ....Key to Icons  Lower Rio Grande Valley NWR
      • McFaddin NWR
      • Muleshoe NWR
      ....Key to Icons  Santa Ana NWR
      • San Bernard NWR
      • Trinity NWR
    ....The Great Texas Birding Guide - Visting Texas
      and want to know where to go? This is the site for you.
    ....Texas Tourism Bird Watch Site - Texas may be the longhorn state, 
      but with over 600 species of birds to see and catalogue, Texas is arguably the birding capital of America. With so many birding attractions in the Lone Star State, you will enjoy the Texas Tourism Bird Watch site. Because Texas has far more birds than any other state, it is sometimes difficult to remember "who is who." You might enjoy testing their skills with this bird identification game, and you are sure to enjoy any of the bird screensavers or postcards on the site.
    ...."Convention"al Birding in Texas and Florida - by Tina MacDonald. 
      I was lucky enough to be taken along for the ride when my husband had to attend back-to-back conventions in Houston, Texas and Orlando, Florida. He went to work - I went to see what birds I could find. So, I played hookey, rented a car and went out to see some of the birding hotspots I have highlighted on this web-page. Information is provided on:
      • Brazos Bend State Park
      • Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge
      • Bolivar Peninsula, Texas
    ....Birding Texas - Pictures and stories of birds and birding in Texas
      with Mary Scott. See High Island, including the grandstands at Boy Scout Woods, Smith Oaks, and the nearby Anahuac NWR. Visit the Rio Grande Valley, including Bentsen-Rio Grande State Park, Falcon Dam, Chapeño, Laguna Atascosa, Sabal Palm, Santa Ana, and more.
    ....Big Thicket National Preserve - Beaumont, Texas - A convergence
      of ecosystems occurred here during the last Ice Age. It brought together, in one geographical location, the eastern hardwood forests, the Gulf coastal plains, and the midwest prairies. In 1981, the Preserve was designated an International Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Man and the Biosphere Program - on the Birding Trail in Southeast Texas. 
    ....Birding Hot Spots - some short descriptions and
      directions to a few of the dozens of wonderful birding spots in the Corpus Christi and Coastal Bend area of Texas. From the Audubon  Outdoor Club home page. 29 locations described.
    ....Corpus Christi Birding - Corpus Christi Convention and Visitors 
      Bureau. Over 500 species of birds have been documented on the Isles of Texas, including sightings of Brown Pelicans, the rare Masked Duck and the endangered Whooping Crane. The area is excellent for the novice as well as the experienced birding enthusiasts. 
    ....Corpus Christi - Where the Birds Funnel South: Although the birding
      is good year-round, September and October are exceptional months to visit Corpus Christi, Texas. The highlight is the migration of Broad-winged Hawks, with more than 100,000 birds per day possible at Hazel Bazemore County Park during the last week of September. Twenty-four other species of raptors or vultures can be seen at the hawk watch.
    ....John R. Wallace of U. Washington - The Birding Page
      gives some Birding Hot Spots in Texas
    ....The Great Outdoors in McAllen, Texas - Bird lovers
      describe the Valley as a veritable paradise, because of its location on a system of continental flyways. Mentions the Key to IconsFalcon Dam.
    ....Birding Spots and Maps - from the Port Aurthur Convention and
      Visitor's Bureau and the Golden Triangle Audubon Society. Detailed information is provided on:
      • Bridge City (Orange County) and Adjacent Areas of Jefferson County 
      • Claiborne West Park (Orange County) 
      • Hillebrandt Bayou Watershed of Jefferson County 
      • Jefferson County North and West of Interstate 10 
      • Pleasure Island Port Arthur 
      • Sabine Pass to Texas Point 
      • Sabine Woods 
      • Sea Rim State Park Beach Unit 
      • Sea Rim State Park Marshlands Unit 
      • Taylor Bayou Watershed of Jefferson County 
      • Tyrrell Park and Cattail Marsh 
    ....Birding Locations in Lubbock and the Llano Estacado Audubon ....Sabal Palm Audubon Center & Sanctuary - Cradled in
      a bend of the Rio Grande along the U.S./Mexico border, the Sabal Palm Audubon Center and Sanctuary harbors one of the most beautiful and critical ecosystems of South Texas and Northern Mexico.
    ....Big Country Birding Sites - by the Big Country Audubon Society. 
      Places to go birding in the Abilene, Texas area. 
    ....Refugio County Birding Trails - information on Lion's/Shelley Park,
      Fennessey Ranch, Mission River Flats, and Black Point. 
    ....Some Great Birding Spots of Bastrop County - Bastrop County is
      located in Central Texas, 30 miles east of the state capital of Austin. Houston lies 120 miles to the east, San Antonio is 90 miles to the southwest, and the Dallas/Fort Worth area is 200 miles to the north.)
    ....Birding North Central Texas - by Derek Hill. Information on a 
      number of north central Texas hotspots is provided, with more detailed information on birding in the Fort Worth and Dallas areas. 
    ....Feather Lake Wildlife Sanctuary Feather Lake is
      a wildlife sanctuary managed by the El Paso/Trans- Pecos Audubon Society
    ....Guide to Birding Sites in El Paso, Texas - This page
      is designed to help the visitor to El Paso, Texas find and enjoy the best places for birding in this area. See also Birding in Feather Lake.
    ....Texas Tall Trails - Everything is bigger and better in Texas,
      including the newly opened Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail. Sponsored by the Texas Department of Transportation and Texas Parks and Wildlife, the Texas Trail will extend some 500 miles from its beginning in far east Texas to the Lower Rio Grande Valley along the border with Mexico. The trail will provide visitors to the Texas coast with information on, and easy access to, many of the best birding areas in the state. For information on specific birds on the trail, check out this site.
    ....The Texas Gulf Coast Birding and Naturalists Web - links
      to birding sites in Austin, Houston, Corpus Christie (Brownsville), and Beaumont
    ....Texas Wildlife Links - includes links to many, many parks,
      NWA, refuges,
    ....Some Lesser-known Hotspots of the Rio Grande Valley -
    ....Birding In Central Texas by Andy Donnelly - This is a general
      guide to birding in and around Austin. About 25 locations described.
    ....Bird Finding in Tarrant County, Texas - compiled by
      Carl B. Haynie. This bird finding guide hopes to highlight some of the better birding locations found within Tarrant County. Tarrant County occupies nearly 900 square miles in the northeast central region of Texas, in the Fort Worth area.
    ....Birding in San Marcos - A site guide to birding in San Marcos,
      located about 20 miles south of Austin. Ten sites are described.
    ....Some Great Birding Spots of Bastrop County - From the Bastrop
      County Audubon Society Home Page. Five locations described.
    ....Finding Birds in the Heart of Texas - The Heart-of-Texas rests in the
      Central Brazos Valley, ten counties that surround the Brazos River.  These include:  Brazos, Burleson, Grimes, Lee, Leon, Madison, Milam, Robertson, Waller and Washington counties. Nine sites are reviewed.
    ....Endangered Songbirds of Central Texas - from the Travis Audubon
      Society. Hints on how to find Golden-cheeked Warbler and Black-capped Vireo.
    ....East Texas Birding Locations - from the Tyler Audubon Society (Flint,
      Texas). Information is included on:
      • Camp Tyler 
      • Tyler State Park
      • Lake Tyler
      • Old Sabine WMA
      • Rose Rudman Park
      • Gus Engeling WMA
      • UT Tyler Campus
      • Richland Creek WMA
    ....Locations For Birding The Panhandle Of Texas - From the
      Panhandle Bird Club home page. Six locations described.
    ....Bird and Wildlife Watching on South Padre Island, nature lovers
      and wildlife enthusiasts will appreciate and enjoy the last 34 miles of ecologically significant and unspoiled beaches and sand dunes along the Gulf of Mexico.
    ....Birding South Padre Island - South Padre Island has attracted
      generations of visitors year-round to its lush landscaping and breathtaking Island scenery. However, just as a countless number of visitors flock to the Island every year, it also has welcomed over 300 species of birds. Due primarily to its southern location and proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, South Padre Island is a feeding ground for various migrating birds.
    ....Houston Birding Areas - This site provides
      information about the various areas around Houston and surrounding areas.
    ....Caddo Lake RAMSAR Site - Case Study Number 4 - scroll waaaaay
      down the page. The Cypress Valley Watershed occupies approximately 17,400km2 in all or part of eleven Texas counties and one Louisiana parish. Caddo Lake, lying 240km east of Dallas, Texas, is the centrepiece of the watershed and without doubt is one of the most biologically diverse areas in Texas.
    ....San Antonio, Texas Birding Sites and Specialties - From the
      San Antonio Audubon Society home page. Numerous locations described.
    ....Birding Sites in and around San Antonio - The following 
      information should answer many of the questions that visiting and new birders have about birding in and around San Antonio, Texas. 
    ....Birding the San Antonio Area - by Steve Hawkins
    ....Hornsby Bend Biosolids Treatment Facility - Hornsby Bend
      Facility is located six miles southeast of downtown Austin on the banks of the Colorado River. Located under the central flyway it is the stopping off point for migratory birds as well as the home for local wildlife.
    ....The Nature Conservancy of Texas - preserve profiles
      • Clymer Meadow
      • Mount Livermore
      • Chandler Independence Creek
      • Clive Runnells Family Mad Island Marsh Preserve
      • Matagorda Island
      • Dolan Falls
      • Pineywoods
    ....Trip Report: South Texas, November 11-19, 1999, by Urs Geiser.
      The Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas is one of the few "must see" destinations for any serious North American birder (the others being southeastern Arizona and south Florida); places of great bird abundance with a good sprinkling of across-the-border species that are not easily seen elsewhere. This was my first trip to that area, and it had a potential of almost 80 life birds (including a good number of unlikely rarities). 40-50 life birds were a more realistic goal.
    ....Trip Report: High Island, Texas - April 1998. By Ricky Fairhead. 
      For the first nine days of the holiday we travelled over 2,000 miles visiting such exciting places as the Rio Grande Valley and the Edward’s Plateau, seeing quality species such as Whooping Crane, Black-capped Vireos, Golden-cheeked Warbler and Tropical Parula. Although we were all really looking forward to visiting High Island in anticipation of seeing such stunning species as Chestnut-sided Warbler, Northern Parula and Magnolia Warbler, species that would be difficult to encounter anywhere else in Texas.
    ....A Visit to the Kenedy Ranch - April 23rd-25th 1999. By Helen Baines.
      The Ranch, south of Kingsville, is owned and managed by the Kenedy Memorial Foundation and is over 235,000 acres in size. It is considered the last large tract of native coastal prairie habitat in Texas and for over a century it has been a highly protected game preserve.
    ....Trip Report: Big Bend National Park and the Davis Mountains
      May 12-19, 2001 - by Francis Toldi. This is an account of a trip to Big Bend National Park in southern Texas, with a short side trip to the nearby Davis Mountains. Big Bend is one of those legendary destinations for North American birders. The primary draw is the rare and local Colima Warbler, though other local specialties are also very enticing. At the end of the report is an annotated list of all species recorded, plus a few notes on references and resources. 
    ....Texas Trip Report, March 25TH-April 1ST, 2000 - by Andy Birch.
      Cin Ty Lee, Dave Lange and myself had spent a few months planning a trip to Texas in the spring to catch some of the Rio Grande specialties as well as Black capped Vireo and Golden cheeked Warbler. We elected for the last week in March. It would be a little early for a number of migrants and we would be on the cusp of the migration of Black capped Vireo but it would be good timing for a number of over-wintering vagrants. This report can be found in the Trip Reports section of this website.
    ....Trip Report: Texas - March 31, 2000. By Robert Royce. I just got back
      from a great week of  birding and photography in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. With only seven full days, it was hard to cover everywhere properly and still get some photography in. 
    ....Trip Report: Texas - 3rd - 18th April 2000. By Steve Bird. A
      spectacular Birdseekers Tours tour of Texas where we saw a total of 293 species of birds! An excellent tour with some excellent birds seen including everything that we had hoped for. 
    ....Trip Report: South Texas Birding - by Doug Wassmer & Lilian Saul.
      We spent the weekend birding 2 sites in south Texas - Santa Ana NWR & Chupeno (near Falcon Heights).  On the way back to the airport at Corpus Christi, we stopped at a roadside pond on the East side of Hwy 77, 31 miles south of Sarita. These 3 sites produced nearly 80 species. 
    ....Texas Trip Reports - a number of Texas trip reports are available
      from Blake Maybank's "Birding the Americas: Trip Report and Trip Planning Repository".

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Tours and Guides

>>>>>> A Birding Pal is not a paid guide, but someone who likes to help out of town visitors. You can become a Birding Pal today! Help someone to enjoy your local birding spots and find a pal to help you when you travel. Click here for Texas Birding Pals, or join to be a Birding Pal!
Bronzed Cowbird - Photo copyright Richard Garrigues
Photo copyright Richard Garrigues

Common Nighthawk - Photo copyright Eric Toorman

Photo copyright Eric Toorman

Great Kisakadee - Photo copyright Jean Coronel

Photo copyright Jean Coronel

Little Blue Heron - Photo coyright Don DesJardin

Photo copyright Don DesJardin

Common Pauraque - Photo copyright Jean Coronel

Photo copyright Jean Coronel

White Ibis - Photo copyright Peter Wallack

Photo copyright Peter Wallack

Yellow-green Vireo - Photo copyright Richard Garrigues

Photo copyright Richard Garrigues

Red-billed Pigeon - Photo copyright Jean Coronel

Photo copyright Jean Coronel
    ....Fennessey Ranch Nature Tours - P.O. Box 99, Wayside, Tx. 78340. 
      Phone: (512) 529-6600 
    **..Texas Birding with Jacamar Tours - in conjunction with the Madison
      Audubon Society, Jim Marrari offers affordable, quality birding experiences in Wisconsin. A portion of trip fees helps support the society's programs. The groups are small (usually 8-12 people) and the trips are suitable for beginning to intermediate birders.  The guides take the time to teach you about the birds you see, and you'll also learn about the plant life, local culture, and history of the places you visit.  In addition, you'll meet others who share an interest in birds and, hopefully, have a good time. 
    ....New Year in South Texas with Victor Emanuel Nature Tours (VENT)
      What better way for birders to ring out the old year and ring in the new than with a visit to South Texas, where mild weather and a host of special birds combine for a memorable holiday getaway.
      • New Year in South Texas December 26, 2001 - January 01, 2002  (7.0 days - limit 8) with leaders Kim Eckert & Brad McKinney
    ....Autumn in South Texas with Victor Emanuel Nature Tours
      Nowhere else in the United States can the pulse and excitement of  migration be felt more keenly than in South Texas! A broad cross section of the avifauna of eastern and central North America passes through South Texas in migration, a fact which accounts for the approximately 500 species that have been recorded from the area-more than from all other states except California, and all this from just four counties!
      • Autumn in South Texas - September 21 - September 29, 2001 (9 days - limit 16) with leaders Barry Lyon & Victor Emanuel.
    ....High Island Migration with Victor Emanuel Nature Tours (VENT)
      Every spring, millions of birds migrate from the American tropics to the forests of eastern North America. Taking off from Central America at sunset, they journey over the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Sometimes these migrants encounter north winds and rain during their flight and are forced down into the isolated groves and brushes of the Texas coastal prairie. This phenomenon can be staggering, as thousands of migrants invade the trees. This upper coast tour is based near High Island, which is not really an island but a dome of high ground in the marshes where isolated groves of ancient live oaks attract large numbers of migrants. 
      • High Island Migration April 19 - April 26, 2001 (8 days - limit 16) with leaders Bob Sundstrom & Barry Lyon.
      • See also High Island Weekend, April 26 - April 29, 2001 (4 days - limit 16) with leaders Bob Sundstrom & Barry Lyon.
    ....Big Bend Spring with Victor Emanuel Nature Tours (VENT)
      As a bonus, this tour begins in the Edwards Plateau region of Texas, popularly known as "The Hill Country." Here amid gently rolling hills and limestone lined streams are found a fascinating east-west mixture of birds. The most famous is the Golden-cheeked Warbler, which breeds nowhere else in the world. Also present are Green Kingfisher, Cave Swallow, Black-capped Vireo, and numerous other species that we won't encounter in arid West Texas. From the Hill Country we travel to Big Bend National Park. 
      • Big Bend Spring May 05 - May 15, 2001 (11 days - limit 16) with leaders Greg Lasley & Mark Lockwood
      • See also Big Bend Summer - July 18 - July 25, 2001 (8 days - limit 16) with leaders Barry Zimmer & Victor Emanuel.
    ....Summer Camps for Young Birders with Victor Emanuel Nature Tours
      (VENT)- These camps, operated for the American Birding Association (ABA) by VENT, are an opportunity for boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 17 to become familiar with the flora and fauna of the Texas Hill Country and Big Bend. The primary focus is on the birdlife of these rich regions, but we look at all living things. Campers do not need to be expert birders, but do need to have an interest in birds and nature.
      • Camp Chiricahua July 10 - July 21, 2001 (11 days - limit 16) with leaders Rob Day & Dave Jasper.
    ....Rockport Workshop  with  Victor Emanuel Nature Tours (VENT) -
      Birding is supposed to be, first and foremost, enjoyable. And without a doubt, birding is more fun if we are able to name more of the birds we see. No expert will ever be able to identify every bird in the field, but we can all reach the point where we can recognize most of them and understand why we can't recognize the others. Building up this kind of knowledge and understanding to make birding more enjoyable is the aim of our Rockport Workshop. 
      • Rockport Workshop  November 10 - November 14, 2001 (5 days - limit 18)  with Kenn Kaufman and others
    ....Texas Hill Country: Birds, Bats & Butterflies with  Victor Emanuel
      Nature Tours (VENT) - The Texas Hill Country is an integral part of the Edwards Plateau, a raised limestone tableland punctuated by spectacular gorges, crystal clear springs, and cypress-lined rivers. This tour is appropriate for both novice and veteran birders alike. There is a wide assortment of birds, trees, flowers, and natural history events to enjoy in this region, where eastern, western, and southern species present an enticing blend of avifauna.  VENT offers nearly 140 tours to over 100 land-based destinations each year and is the largest tour company in the world specializing in birding and natural history.

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Local Birding Events

Ladder-backed Woodpecker - Photo copyright Bill Horn
Photo copyright Bill Horn

Great Egret - Photo copyright Jean Coronel

Photo copyright Jean Coronel

Painted Bunting - Photo copyright Monte Taylor

Photo copyright MonteTaylor

King Rail - Photo copyright Peter May

Photo copyright Peter May

Cattle Egret - Photo copyright Paul Conover

Photo copyright Paul Conover

Common Ground Dove - Photo copyright Don DesJardin

Photo copyright Don DesJardin

Long-billed Thrasher - Photo copyright Kent Nickell

Photo copyright Kent Nickell

Brown-crested Flycatcher - Photo copyright Harold Stiver
Photo copyright Harold Stiver


    ....Audubon Outdoor Club of Corpus Christi - Upcoming Field Trips
    ....Big Country Audubon (Abilene, Texas) - Calendar of Events
    ....Dallas County Audubon - Field Trips
    ....El Paso Audubon - Field Trips
    ....Fort Worth Audubon - Field Trips
    ....Houston Audubon Society - Texas Birding and Naturalist Calendar of
    ....Llano Estacado Audubon Society (Lubbock, Texas) - Calendar of
    ....Rio Brazos Audubon Society - Field Trips
    ....San Antonio Audubon Society - Field Trips 
    ....Tall Grass Prairie Audubon Society (Decateur, Texas) - Calendar of
    ....Travis Audubon Society- Adventures in Birding, Education, &
      Conservation in Austin and Central Texas
    ....Tyler Audubon Society - Field Trips 

    ....Galveston Island FeatherFest - April 3 - 6, 2003. Galveston Island

      presents FeatherFest 2003, a birding festival scheduled for April 3-6, 2003, combining birding field trips and nature seminars with the art and history that makes Galveston Island one of the leading T exas destinations.  Festival participants will enjoy excursions to  a variety of top birding spots in the area during the Spring migration, a time of year that the Island abounds with 300+ species of birds. Fascinating workshops are planned, including nature artists as well as birding and butterfly experts.  Keynote speaker for the festival is internationally renowned naturalist Victor Emanuel of VENTS.  Nature art exhibits will be on display at galleries and museums throughout the Island.  For information, visit, or call 1-888-GAL-ISLE.
    ....Eagle Fest - February 8 - 10, 2002. Emory, Texas. Emory, recently 
      proclaimed by Governor Bush as the Eagle Capital of Texas, Rains County and the city of Emory host this event. Barge tours will be conducted on Lake Fork and Lake Tawakoni to search for bald eagles. Contact: Eagle Fest (Rains County Area Chamber of Commerce), P. O. Box 695, Emory, TX 75440. (800) 561-1182.
    ....A Celebration of Whooping Cranes - Last week of February - 
      Port Aransas, TX.  Phone: (512) 749-5919
    ....Texas Tropics Nature Festival - April 6 - 9, 2000 McAllen, Texas. 
      Contact: Texas Tropics, P.O. Box 790, McAllen, TX 78505. Toll free: 1-877-622-5536. McAllen, Texas Chamber of Commerce. 
    ....Attwater's Prairie Chicken Festival - April 6 - 8, 2001 - Eagle Lake,
      Texas. Tours to the Attwater's Prairie Chicken National Wildlife Refuge to see this endangered bird plus migrating species. If you are considering this trip, you might want to take a look at the Great Texas Bird Trail. Contact: Eagle Lake Chamber of Commerce - 408 E. Main St.- Eagle Lake, TX 77434 - Phone: (409) 234-2780
    ....The Great Texas Birding Classic - April 20 - 29, 2001. During the Great
      Texas Birding Classic, teams of birdwatchers spend three official "big days" counting and observing numerous birds that flock to the Texas coast. During this week-long tournament, birders from around the globe converge on the Texas coast for fun and friendly competetive birding. Contact: (409) 737-4081.
    ....Nature Quest 2001 - April 18-22, 2001 in Concan, Texas. 
      NATURE QUEST 2001 will reveal the treasures of Lost Maples State Natural Area, Garner State Park, and private ranches.  You will have a difficult time deciding your itinerary, choosing between guided field trips and seminars covering Birds, Butterflies, Bats, Wildflowers, Native Trees and Grasses. Who knows, you might even meet our special spring guests – the Black-capped Vireo, Golden Cheeked Warbler and the brilliant flashes of color provided by the migrating Monarch and native butterflies. 
    ....Upper Texas Coast Birding Festival - April 16 - 29, 2000 - 
      Galveston, TX Phone: (409) 737-4081.
    ....Migration Celebration - April 15-16, 1998 - Highway 32, Clute/Lake
      Jackson, TX. Phone: (800) 938-4853
    ....Sixth Annual Bluebird Festival - Mid April - Wills Point, Texas
      Tour prime Eastern Bluebird habitat in the Wills Point area which has the highest concentration of Bluebirds in Texas. Contact: Wills Point Chamber of Commerce - Box 217 - Wills Point, TX 75169 - Phone: (903) 873-3111 - (800) 972-5824
    ....Dia de las Palmas - mid-April. Contact: Sabal Palm Audubon Centre
      and Sanctuary, P.O. Box 5169, Brownsville, TX 78535-5169. TEL: (956) 541-8034.
    ....Migration Celebration - May 3 - 6, 2001. Sponsored by the Gulf
      Coast Bird Observatory and the Friends of Brazoria NWR. Lake Jackson, Texas. A 4-day birding festival for youth and adults based at GCBO. Lectures, guided field trips, vendor booths, bar-b-q & other foods.
    ....Texas Songbird Festival - May 4 - 6, 2001. Contact: Lago Vista
      Chamber of Commerce, 20811 Dawn Drive, P.O. Box 4946, Lago Vista, TX. TEL: (888) 328-5246.
    ....Hummer/bird Celebration - September 13 - 15, 2001 - Rockport, Texas
      Hundreds of migrating Ruby-throated hummingbirds highlight this festival. Top speakers and tours of the area included. Also check out the Great Texas Bird Trail if you come down for this event. Contact: Rockport-Fulton Area Chamber of Commerce - 404 Broadway - Rockpor t, TX 78382 - Phone:(800) 826-6441
    ....CraneFest - November 4, 2000. Contact: Muleshoe Chamber of 
      Commerce, Crane Festival Committee, 901 W. Avenue J, Muleshoe TX 79347. TEL: (806) 272-4248.
    ....Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival - November 14 - 18, 2001 - 
      Harlingen, TX. Great speakers and bird ID workshops combined with birds such as the Altamira Oriole, Brown Jay, Chachalacas and other Valley specialities. Last year's birds included Golden-Crowned Warbler and Blue Bunting. This area is the "Bottom Half" of the Great Texas Bird Trail. Contact: Harlingen Chamber of Commerce - 311 East Tyler, Harlingen, TX 78550 - Phone: (800) 531-7346

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Rare Bird Alert

Harris's Sparrow - Photo copyright Robert McDonald
Photo copyright Robert McDonald
         Statewide (Houston Audubon Society) Hotline: (713) 964-5867 
         Abilene (Big Country Audubon Society) Hotline: (915) 691-8981 
         Austin (Travis Audubon Society) Hotline: (512) 926-8751 
         Corpus Christi (Main Street Bird Club - Coverage: Texas Coastal Bend) 
      Hotline: (512) 265-0377 
         Dallas-Ft. Worth (Coverage: North Central Texas) Hotline: (817)
         Lubbock Hotline: (806) 797-6690 
         Northeast Hotline: (903) 234-2473 (BIRD) 
         Rio Grande Valley Hotline: (956) 969-2731 
         San Antonio Hotline: (210) 308-6788 
         Waco Hotline: (254) 299-8170 

         Check also Texas RBA Archives

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North American Specialities in Texas

Information derived from Sibley & Monroe checklists in Thayer's Birder's Diary - Version 2.5.
These counts will differ in minor ways from counts based on the ABA classification,
but an international checklist system was required to enable world-wide
country to country comparisons.These speciality birds may be uncommon, or extremely rare
at this location, or may only be present in migration. However, documented sightings of each species
noted below have been made in Texas. Species highlighted in bold italic print have
ONLY been found in this state of the US.  Consult the Breeding Bird Survey or
Christmas Bird Count data on the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center website
to determine the "best" place to see each bird. Species printed in blue are endangered.

USA Endemics in Texas

___ Lesser Prairie-Chicken ___ Red-cockaded Woodpecker
North American Endemic Specialities in Texas

___ Allen's Hummingbird
___ Anna's Hummingbird
___ Aztec Thrush
___ Bachman's Sparrow
___ Baird's Sparrow
___ Bewick's Wren
___ Black-capped Vireo
___ Black-chinned Hummingbird
___ Black-chinned Sparrow
___ Black-capped Grosbeak
___ Black-tailed Gnatcatcher
___ Black-throated Sparrow
___ Blue Mockingbird
___ Blue-throated Hummingbird
___ Brewer's Sparrow
___ Broad-billed Hummingbird
___ Bullock's Oriole
___ Cactus Wren
___ California Gull
___ Calliope Hummingbird
___ Canyon Towhee
___ Canyon Wren
___ Carolina Chickadee
___ Cassin's Finch
___ Cassin's Sparrow
___ Chestnut-collared Longspur
___ Chihuahuan Raven
___ Clark's Grebe
___ Clark's Nutcracker
___ Colima Warbler
___ Common Poorwill
___ Cordilleran Flycatcher
___ Costa's Hummingbird
___ Crimson-collared Grosbeak
___ Crissal Thrasher
___ Curve-billed Thrasher
___ Elf Owl
___ Ferruginous Hawk
___ Fish Crow
___ Gambel's Quail
___ Greater Roadrunner
___ Gray Flycatcher
___ Gray Vireo
___ Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch
___ Harris's Sparrow
___ House Finch
___ Lawrence's Goldfinch
___ Le Conte's Sparrow
___ Lewis's Woodpecker
___ Long-billed Thrasher
___ Lucifer Hummingbird
___ Lucy's Warbler
___ McCown's Longspur
___ Mexican Jay
___ Montezuma Quail
___ Mottled Duck
___ Mountain Bluebird
___ Mountain Chickadee
___ Mountain Plover
___ Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow
___ Phainopepla
___ Pileated Woodpecker
___ Pinyon Jay
___ Plain Titmouse
___ Prairie Falcon
___ Pygmy Nuthatch
___ Pyrrhuloxia
___ Red-bellied Woodpecker
___ Red-naped sapsucker
___ Red-shouldered Hawk
___ Rufous-backed Thrush
___ Rufous-crowned Sparrow
___ Sage Sparrow
___ Sage Thrasher
___ Say's Phoebe
___ Scaled Quail
___ Scott's Oriole
___ Seaside Sparrow
___ Smith's Longspur
___ Spotted Owl
___ Spotted Towhee
___ Tamaulipas (Mexican) Crow
___ Townsend's Solitaire
___ Trumpeter Swan
___ Tufted Titmouse
___ Verdin
___ Violet-crowned Hummingbird
___ Western Bluebird
___ Western Grebe
___ Western Gull
___ Western Screech-Owl
___ Western Scrub-Jay
___ Whooping Crane
___ Williamson's Sapsucker

Other Notable Texas Birds

___ Black-crested Titmouse
___ Golden-cheeked Warbler
__ Ringed Kingfisher __ Red-billed Pigeon
__ Yellow-green Vireo

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