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22 of the 246 species 
endemic to 
North America are 
represented here. 
No state endemics
No USA endemics

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Check out the Birds of New England website for more information on specific species information.
Or join Steve Nanz on his Photo Safari to Maine.
Maine Specialities
(Pause your cursor on the photo to see the species name. Click on the birds for more info... )
Black-capped Chickadee - State Bird - Photo by Jim Stasz
Photo by Jim Stasz

Black-throated Green Warbler - Photo copyright Alain Hogue

Photo copyright Alain Hogue

Atlantic Puffin - photo copyright Erik Toorman

Photo copyright Erik Toorman

Blackburnian Warbler - Photo copyright Douglas Herr

Photo copyright Douglas Herr

White-winged Scoter - Photo copyright Erik Breden

Photo copyright Erik Breden

Black-and-white Warbler - Photo copyright Robert Royse

Photo copyright Robert Royse

Evening Grosbeak - Photo copyright Monte Taylor

Photo copyright Monte Taylor
    Key to Icons....Machais Seal Island - one of nature's great wildlife
      spectacles: a seabird colony overflowing with graceful and aeronautic terns, impossibly patterned puffins, and those most elegant seabirds, the Razorbills. This is disputed territory between the US and Canada. Transportation to the Island can be provided by Captains Barna and John Norton.
    Key to Icons....Acadia National Park - Located at the juncture of the
      northern and temperate life zones, Acadia attracts more than 300 species of sea, shore, and land birds, from the common loon to the majestic bald eagle and peregrine falcon. Sea ducks also frequent the coastal waters, particularly during the winter months. Sieur de Monts Spring, Ship Harbor, and Wonderland trails are all favorite bird-watching spots, as are the summits of Cadillac and Beech mountains during fall hawk migration.
    Key to Icons....The "Cat" - It takes 2 and three quarters to 3 hours to travel from
      Bar Harbour, Maine to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia on the "Cat" ferry. In September along the way you might see Manx, Greater and Sooty Shearwater, Wilson's and Leach's Storm-Petrel, Northern Gannett as well as Red and Red-Necked Phalarope.
    Key to Icons....Monhegan Island - The size and location of this
      island concentrate land bird migrants and attract off-shore vagrants. Late September can produce over a hundred species over a long weekend.
    ....Birding in Maine: A brief guide to Maine's habitats and birding
      hotspots. Maine Audubon Society.
    ....Birding Eastern Maine - courtesy of the Penobscot Valley Audubon
      Society. Bangor and its surrounding communities are rich with birding hot spots. Download a printable 8-page booklet in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format, complete with maps and more information. - your source for information about birding in Maine. 
      Compiled by Paul Garrity. This site contains information on Moosehorn NWR and a report on a 1998 trip to Machais Seal Island.
    ....Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary - The largest privately
      owned bird sanctuary north of Boston, Thorncrag has always been the heart of the Stanton Bird Club.
    ....The Stanton Bird Club Local Hotspots - If you're
      looking for someplace to go birding in the Lewiston/Auburn area, or wondering where you might find a certain bird to round out one of your lists, try some of these area hotspots.
    ....Birding Maine - by Mary Scott. "One of my first great birding trips, 
      some 12 years ago, was to Maine.  I went with a small group of friends, and we had a wonderful time touring around". This site contains information about:
      • Machias Seal Island
      • Campobello Island
      • Lubec Flats
      • Carrying Place Bog
      • West Quoddy Head 
      • Acadia National Park (Mt. Desert Island) 
      • Biddeford Pool and East Point Sanctuary 
      • Scarborough Marsh
    ....Birding Down East - By Norman C. Famous. Includes site guides to:
      • Quoddy Head State Park
      • Carrying Place Cove Bog
      • Campobello Island
      • Blueberry Barrens
      Or, take the Down East Maine (The Virtual Tour) to northern boreal and bog habitats See also Backgrounder: Down East Maine for directions to some of these locations and additional information on:
      • Machias Seal Island 
      • Great Wass Island Preserve
    ....Maine National Wildlife Refuge Index - US Fish and Wildlife
      Includes information on:
      • Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge
      • Carlton Pond Waterfowl Production Area
      • Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge
      • Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge
      • Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge
      • Sunkhaze Meadows National Wildlife Refuge
    ....Maine Trip Report - June 1995 - by Doug and Arlene Ripley. 
    ....Maine Trip Reports - a number of Maine trip reports are available
      from Blake Maybank's "Birding the Americas: Trip Report and Trip Planning Repository".

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Tours and Guides

>>>>>> A Birding Pal is not a paid guide, but someone who likes to help out of town visitors. You can become a Birding Pal today! Help someone to enjoy your local birding spots and find a pal to help you when you travel. Click here for Maine Birding Pals, or join to be a Birding Pal!
Purple finch - Photo copyright Robert McDonald
Photo copyright Robert McDonald
    **..Grand Manan Autumn with Victor Emanuel Nature Tours (VENT)
      Located in the Bay of Fundy (off the coast of Maine and New Brunswick), Canada's picturesque island of Grand Manan makes an ideal base for experiencing the phenomenon of fall migration on the northeast coast.  This area stands out from other migration hot spots because of the ready availability of exciting pelagic birding. Nearby submarine canyons promote cold-water upwellings that attract numbers of pelagic birds every fall. 
      • Grand Manan Autumn  August 30 - September 5, 2004 (7.0 days - Limit 16 ) with leaders Jeff Gordon 
      • Grand Manan Autumn  August 29 - September 4, 2005 (7.0 days - Limit 16 ) with leaders Jeff Gordon 
      VENT offers nearly 140 tours to over 100 land-based destinations each year and is the largest tour company in the world specializing in birding and natural history.
    ....Norton Puffin Tours - Join Captains Barna and John Norton on a puffin
      tour to the largest puffin colony in the Eastern US , Machias Seal Island off the coast of Maine.
    ....Down East Nature Tours - Personalized nature and bird-watching
      tours for individuals, couples, families and small groups. We help you discover the flora and fauna of Mt. Desert Island and Down East Maine with special emphasis on native and migrating birds (Bald Eagles, Osprey, Peregrine Falcons, Shore birds, Warblers)

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Local Birding Events

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Rare Bird Alert

        Statewide Hot Line - (207) 781-2332
        Also see: Maine RBA


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North American Specialities in Maine

Information derived from Sibley & Monroe checklists in Thayer's Birder's Diary - Version 2.5.
These counts will differ in minor ways from counts based on the ABA classification,
but an international checklist system was required to enable world-wide
country to country comparisons.These speciality birds may be uncommon, or extremely rare
at this location, or may only be present in migration. However, documented sightings of each species
noted below have been made in Maine. Consult the Breeding Bird Survey or
Christmas Bird Count data on the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center website
to determine the "best" place to see each bird.

North American Endemic Specialities in Maine - No USA Endemics

___ Bewick's Wren
___ Black-headed Grosbeak
___ Black-throated Sparrow
___ Cassin's Sparrow
___ Chestnut-collared Longspur
___ Fish Crow
___ Grey-crowned Rosy-Finch
___ Harris's Sparrow
___ House Finch
___ Le Conte's Sparrow
___ Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow
___ Pileated Woodpecker
___ Red-bellied Woodpecker
___ Red-shouldered Hawk
___ Ruffed Grouse
___ Say's Phoebe
___ Seaside Sparrow
___ Smith's Longspur
___ Spruce Grouse
___ Townsend's Solitaire
___ Tufted Titmouse
___ Western Grebe
Other Speciality Birds in Maine

___ Atlantic Puffin

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