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Sunni’s Best Recipe – Aging Liquid

1 pint (450 ml.) alcohol
1 ½ tbsp. black India ink
1 ½ tbsp. brown India ink

Mix together and use to paint on any wood to grey it to an aged look. Test on scrap wood first and adjust degree of grey by adding drops of whichever colour will give the desired result.. 

To age furniture or buildings, attack the project with a strong wire brush sold as a “file cleaner” by scratching and/or pounding wherever wood rot or heavy wear look is desired. For a piece of lawn furniture, like a lawn chair, it is more effective to attack the wood before it is glued up into the chair. Use a knife to simulate cracks and breaks. Make some actual breaks in slats of seat or an arm and repair with another piece of wood glued underneath, but add some pins cut off to look like nails.

Paint the project with aging liquid and allow to dry even if it is to be painted. If the project is to be painted, then paint it all over with rubber cement (not contact cement) and allow to dry. Use a foam brush, and a daubing motion to paint project desired colour using acrylic or latex paint. Because of the rubber cement, the paint will tend to look lumpy and bubbled as old paint applied in many layers does. When project is dry, some paint can be removed in wear areas using sandpaper. Use a knife to lift paint off some places too. If the colour looks too new, apply a wash using burnet umber, raw sienna, and, perhaps, some yellow ochre paint in a lot of water and paint it all over the project. If it is a building, allow this wash to dribble down wherever rain might run.