Tips Archive 001
Making Minis from Household Items
  • Tea Tables -Thread spools make excellent bases for tea tables. Use the large size, paint to compliment the piece you are using for the table top. Kitchen & Bath centers and hardware stores offer Formica samples for choosing counter tops .These are excellent tops for mini tables! Trim off the end with the hole and glue to your base. There are hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from including simulated marble patterns.
  • Plates -The cap liners of 2 litre pop bottles are a great source for plates. You can paint them or leave them white and paint on a small delicate pattern.
  • Hinges - An effective two-way hinge for miniature saloon doors (or any door that should open both ways) can be made by sandwiching a strip of fabric between two pieces of wood. While the glue sets, lightly clamp the assembly with clothes pins or paper grippers. Be sure to leave the 1/32 gap shown or the hinge will not work.
  • Lights - The roll-on ball from a deodorant bottle makes an excellent ceiling light. The material is semi-soft, can be easily drilled, and glows softly when a light bulb s inserted into a drilled hole. The addition of a domed shade makes it even more convincing. 
  • Barbeque Briquets - Save your burnt wooden matches (or buy some to burn on purpose). Cut off the tips after they are well burnt, and you will have some very convincing miniature charcoal briquette for your barbecue.