M. E. E. Tips, HInts
and How-to's

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  1. Framing and Mitring Workshop
  2. Making Minis from Household Items
  3. Working with Polymer Clay
  4. Painting and Finishing
  5. Roomboxes - lessons learned from Brooke Tucker
  6. The “Leather” Look - "refinishing" fabric apholstery
  7. Save Your Rolls - uses for paper towel and toilet rolls
  8. Thinking Outside the Box - unique containers to house your minis
  9. Understanding Scale
  10. Organization 101 for Miniaturists - organizing your workroom
  11. Adding Detail to a Room
  12. Primer on Glues - lessons learned from a Brooke Tucker workshop
  13. Make Your Own Cording - for apholstery or doll dressing. 
  14. Primer on Faux Finishes - includes information on marbling, stencilling, bambooing, spatter painting, verdigris, rubber stamping, spongework, stippling, and crackle.
  15. Working in 144th Scale
  16. Ageing Tips - includes a recipe for ageing liquid.
  17. X-Acto Knife Primer
  18. Building a Shadow Box
  19. Making a Mini Electric Sander
  20. All About Types of Doors.
  21. Harry Potter Book Covers