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No-Carb Salad Dressing - from Aldont

In a jar or processor slop in 2/3 cup of very virgin olive oil  (no carbs here). Add 1/3 cup of really good balsamic vinegar  (no carbs here). Plop in two good and full tablespoons of good mustard  (no carbs here). Add about the same of .02 carb mayonnaise. (sorry, that would make .04 carbs). Drop in a good dash or two of dry dill weed spice (don't think it would count ). Throw in a goodly amount of pure garlic power (to taste). Toss in a Two Fat Ladies pinch or two of course salt. (should be no carb type). Taste it. If it's too vinegary add as much water as you think best. Maybe a half cup or so. Put the lid on tight and shake like hell. Voila!!  A tasty dressing without any carb sin to speak of.