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Tamera’s Easy Salmon Salad

1 can Salmon (the 14 oz (approx.) size like Bumblebee brand) drained
1 medium cucumber-de-seeded, peeled and cut into small chunks
1 thin slice of a large onion chopped fine or substitute onion powder to taste
Mayonnaise- I start with 1 tablespoon
Dill.. fresh or dried to taste
Optional-sour cream 1 teaspoon

Put the drained Salmon in a bowl and break it into small pieces. Add the cucumber & onion (or onion powder) Add the Dill to taste.. I use 2 tablespoons fresh. Add mayonnaise to the consistency you prefer (some like them real creamy - other's more "chunky") Mix well. I sometimes add a teaspoon of sour cream for extra flavor. Chill. This is a great change from Tuna Salad. It's also a great party kind of "dip" (like crab dip) with cuke slices, or on Wasa crisps.